IPFS Publishes Arbol Case Study

by Arbol Team

Arbol Inc. uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for data storage to ensure that the data that we use to determine pricing and payouts for our contracts is trusted and secure. IPFS has released a new case study which details how we use its system to safeguard the integrity of our datasets. Tamper-proof, trusted, and accurate data serves as the foundation of our customizable, smart weather protection products, giving us the ability to pay farmers and businesses quickly and fairly when bad weather strikes.

“IPFS is very much at the heart of everything we do at Arbol. IPFS serves as our independently verifiable data store for all of the weather data associated with the contracts we sell. It imbues our platform with the essential principles of decentralization, data security, and public verifiability.” -CTO Ben Andre

The full IPFS case study on Arbol is available here.

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