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Sid Jha, Ben Andre, Philippe Heilberg, Osho Jha, Feb 1

Today, we are proud to introduce the world to dClimate, a decentralized marketplace where climate data, models, and forecasts are standardized, monetized, and distributed. 

Those of us living in developed nations might take the importance of accurate local weather forecasting for granted. The only reason to check the weather forecast in some locations is so that you can make personal preparations: Do I need to carry an umbrella today? Do I need a jacket? Snow boots? But while we might use a weather forecasting app on our phones to make personal preparations in our daily lives, there are numerous local businesses, small family farms, multinational corporations, industries with exposure to the weather, and national governments that rely on sound forecasting, climate data, and models to make critical planning decisions at every juncture.


Bradley Saacks, Jan 8

Blockchain. Machine learning. Alternative data. Climate change. It seems like Arbol Market, a new insure-tech platform, is hitting every buzzword, and the startup's quick growth is proving there's a market for its products.

Arbol was founded by Sid Jha, a former quant at Ken Griffin's Citadel who brought a machine-learning approach to trading commodities, and his brother Osho Jha, the firm's chief data scientist who has worked at data shops like M Science and asset managers like BlackRock and J. Goldman & Co. 


Insureblocks Podcast, Episode 145

Walid Al Saqqaf + Sid Jha, Jan 25


Base Layer Podcast, Episode 190

David Nage + Sid Jha, Nov 25, 2020


Arbol, Jan 19

Arbol Inc. announced today that it has closed its Series A fundraising round with commitments totaling nearly $7 million. Arbol's Series A round was oversubscribed and completed at a significant increase in valuation from its initial seed round. All of the company's original seed investors, including Finch Finance LLC and Space Capital, recommitted for the Series A round, in addition to one new investor, Mubadala Capital-Ventures.


Gabriella Ben-Hutta, Jan 21

NY-based insurance platform for parametric products Arbol  announced that it has raised ~$7 million in a Series A round that included Finch Finance, Space Capital, and Mubadala Capital-Ventures.



Bernard Goyder, Jan 20

Parametric InsurTech start-up Arbol has raised $7mn in series A funding, with existing investors Finch Finance and Space Capital putting in more capital and the Abu Dhabi-based fund Mubadala Capital-Ventures also buying equity.


AlleyWatch, Jan 26

Arbol has introduced weather risk insurance, a parametric coverage product, built on the blockchain to provide rapid payments in the event of loss without drawn-out claims processes.  The company’s products are currently being deployed in the maritime, energy, hospitality, and agriculture industries, where weather risk can be severe. 


Arbol, Aug 19, 2020

We are excited to announce the world’s first live, in-production weather coverage product on the blockchain. It uses smart contracts and Chainlink oracles to provide anyone with an Internet connection access to blockchain-enforced weather coverage that immediately settles based on weather data. This completely changes the way businesses and farmers all over the world hedge risk, allowing them to safely expand their operations knowing they are fully covered against periods of unforeseen weather events.


Sid Jha, Nov 11, 2020

What sets Arbol apart from traditional insurers is that our weather risk platform is parametric. What does this mean? It means that contracts are paid out based on data as opposed to a subjective claims process where a human adjuster comes to your home or businesses to assess the damage. This is important because the subjectivity, loopholes, delays, and potential for fraud that are seen all too often with traditional insurers are eliminated for our clients. Once the threshold for loss in a contract is triggered by the applicable dataset an agreement is structured on, the client gets paid automatically. It’s that simple.


Michael Kapilkov, Aug 20, 2020

They’re tackling a problem which affects billions of people.



William Foxley, Aug 19, 2020

Arbol provides crop insurance for small to medium-sized farmers or enterprises.


Lars Hoffman, Oct 30, 2020

Blockchain is introducing substantial efficiency gains to the insurance industry.


Steve Evans, Oct 15, 2020

Arbol, a provider of marketplace technology that supports parametric risk transfer or weather insurance and utilises smart contracts, told us that it has lined up $250 million of capacity from non-traditional market sources to help it expand.


Steve Evans, Oct 1, 2020

Global Parametrics and reinsurance giant Hannover Re are together supporting a weather risk insurance pilot scheme that is powered by Arbol’s technology and smart contract driven marketplace for weather risk transfer.


Rebellion Research: Arbol CEO Siddhartha Jha on the Future of Weather & Insurance

Rebellion Research, Jan 12

Arbol CEO Sid Jha joined Rebellion Research CEO Alexander Fleiss for a discussion about the future of weather and insurance. 


Introducing dWeather: Weather Datasets on IPFS with Ben Andre

IPFS, Oct 16, 2020

Arbol, another featured IPFS Case Study, was the subject of CTO Ben Andre’s talk on how IPFS helps them sell parametric weather protection agreements.


LA Blockchain Summit, Oct 20, 2020

LA Blockchain Summit, Arbol CEO and Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov explore how blockchain-based parametric insurance is reliably automating traditional insurance processes and providing cryptographic guarantees around real-world data feeds and payouts for users relying on critical coverage.


Chainlink, Aug 28, 2020

Sid Jha from Arbol presents a SmartCon Keynote on the demand and opportunity for smart contract insurance. Arbol integrated with Chainlink to bring parametric insurance to farmers around the world.